A WORD: Here’s a 7-letter mystery word for you, Arkansas

Let’s play Obfuscation.

Can you tell what common word I’m talking about in the following clues?

This verb contains seven letters (so many letters!). It descends to modern English through Middle English and Old English and has been in use since before the 12th century.

? … ? … ? … ? … ? … ? … ?

The word means …

◼️ To give up a claim to requital.

◼️ To give up wanting to punish an offender.

◼️ To abandon desire for revenge.

◼️ What the fictional characters Ted Lasso (of the show “Ted Lasso”), Beth March (“Little Women”) and Melanie Hamilton (“Gone With the Wind”) do to rate being ranked high among 2,000 fictional characters in the “Which Character” personality quiz conducted by the website Open-Source Psychometric Project.

◼️ To stop feeling resentment.

◼️ To grant relief from a debt.

The Jan. 23 word was “credit.” I’ll print today’s answer Feb. 6, but don’t hesitate to email if you’d like to know sooner.



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