Highest Developers Activity on Ethereum and Cardano in 2022

  • Ethereum and Cardano had the maximum number of developers working on the platform daily. 
  • Ethereum had 223, while Cardano had 151 average daily developers.
  • Such activities are important for the development of technology and blockchain. 

New development in blockchain technology is what defined its growth. Ethereum and Cardano have been spearheading their way to the top with maximum development activities in 2022. The average daily active developers on Ethereum were 223; at the same time, on Cardano, there were 151.  

Concerning the DappRadar report, Ethereum has the slightest decrease in active developers by 9.37%, although it managed to retain the upper position. At the same time, Cardano had a decline of around 26.47% with respect to 2021.

Source: DappRadar

Developers come together to upgrade the existing system, find and remove flaws, and create new and exciting features or protocols that may facilitate the technology’s adoption. 

What does Developer Activity indicate?

Higher the developer activity, the better the health and chances of growth for the blockchain. The metric by DappRadar shows the perception of the level of interest and engagement by the developers on a particular platform. It is considered crucial “for the development of new features, increased security, network effects, innovation, and thus adoption.”

Polkadot, Kusuma, and Cosmos managed to be among the top 5 in the chart for active developers. Polkadot saw a jump in activity by 16.06%, where the daily average active developers were 129, while Kusuma managed a 12.80% increase with an average daily developer count of 117. 

Compared with 2021, Solana saw a huge surge of 1,320%, and Internet Computers (ICP) managed a 1,050% increase in daily active developers. Although the FTX collapse badly hurt Solana, reports suggest it still looks promising. 

Although the average number of daily developers on Solana noted a slight decline in the last 30 days by 31.4%, it still managed to attract an average of 69 daily active developers. 

Ethereum and Cardano Price Analysis

At the time of writing, Ethereum is currently trading at $1,632.17 with a slight jump of 0.09%, and its value against Bitcoin is 0.07183 BTC with a slight drop of 0.83%. At the same time, its market cap dropped by 0.09% to be at $199 billion, while its trading volume suffered a drop of 18.01% to $6.9 billion. ETH boasts rank 2 with a market dominance of 19.13%. 

At the time of writing, Cardano ADA was trading at $0.3765 with a drop of 0.79%, while its value against Bitcoin is at 0.00001655 BTC with a drop of 0.04%. Its market cap also dropped by 0.78% to $13 billion, and its volume grew by 0.65% to $652 million. 

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