I Just Saved $20 With Target’s Holiday Price Match — and You Could Save a Lot

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By taking advantage of a price match policy, you may be able to keep more money in your pocket.

Key points

  • Target’s generous holiday price match guarantee could help you save money. 
  • While taking advantage of price match policies may cost you a little time, it’s worth it, especially if you’re on a tight budget.
  • You can also save by using coupon and cash back apps. 

With today’s high prices, I try to take advantage of as many money-saving deals as possible. When I learned about Target’s holiday price match guarantee and noticed that something I previously purchased qualified for a price adjustment, I had to give it a try. I saved $20 by taking advantage of this store policy. Here’s how this holiday price match policy could help you save much more than $20.  

Introducing Target’s holiday price match guarantee 

Target customers can use the retailer’s holiday price match policy throughout the holiday shopping season to score a better deal. If the price of an item you bought on or after Oct. 6 is reduced in-store or online on or before Dec. 24, you can request a price adjustment.

This is an excellent way to keep more money in your bank account and avoid paying more than necessary. While this policy likely isn’t too useful if you’re only saving a couple of dollars, it could be especially worthwhile if an item’s price has been significantly reduced.

My experience getting a price adjustment at Target 

Recently, I purchased four new Christmas stockings for our mantel. I know seasonal items at my local Target store tend to sell out quickly. So I bought them shortly after Thanksgiving before the shelves were bare. They weren’t cheap, but they looked nice and met my needs. 

About a week later, I used the Target mobile app to look at current sales. At this time, I realized the stockings I had bought previously were now on sale for a lower price. I decided to test out the price match policy to see how easy it was to get a price adjustment.

I went to the customer service desk at my local store and explained that I wanted to take advantage of the policy. The employee made a price adjustment within a matter of minutes. I use rewards credit cards for most of my everyday purchases, so I got the price difference refunded to my credit card. It was a quick and stress-free process. 

While it took some effort on my part, I felt it was worth it. I saved $20 by only taking a few moments out of my day. I happened to be at the store anyway because I was planning to buy some toys to donate to a local holiday toy drive. I used the funds I saved to buy three toys for the drive, which was a win for my wallet. 

Take advantage of price match policies 

If you’re doing a lot of shopping at this time of year, ensure you’re taking advantage of price match policies, so you don’t overpay for your purchases. Life is expensive, so saving $10, $20, or $50 can make a huge difference — especially if you’re on a tight budget. While you may need to go out of your way to save money, a little extra effort may be worth it. 

Using other techniques to keep your spending in check is also a good idea. You may want to use coupon apps to get extra discounts when shopping online. Cash back apps also offer an excellent way to earn cash back rewards on your holiday spending. Check out these personal finance resources if you’re looking for additional ways to save money. 

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