(OPINION) Letters: Archaeological site wrong spot for wind turbine; comment

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Dear Casper,

A Stonehenge built out of retired wind turbine blades being proposed in Casper is probably one of the most ridiculous ideas for a project I have heard about.

I fully support relying less on fossil fuels and developing more reusable energy sources but this is a little tacky. Researching a better and more environmental friendly product in producing wind turbine blades and parts is possible and Wyoming and NextEra Energy could be leaders developing these options.

Bill Hopbell


Dear Casper,

Wyoming is not taking clean air protection seriously, putting our state’s economic futures in jeopardy and ensuring that more people in Wyoming communities and around the globe will continue to die every year because of pollution in the air they breathe.

Doing nothing, which appears to be the state’s current plan, is a literal death sentence. As the poem says, “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” We must work together every day to keep Wyoming wonderful or we will soon be mourning its loss.

Allowing new gas infrastructure at the Jim Bridger Power Plant ignores the harms that come with it. WDEQ must not delay any further in crafting an air quality protection plan that will save lives, save jobs, and save Wyoming’s communities from the health and economic fallout of unmitigated visible air pollution.

The lives and economic futures of our communities are not political bargaining chips. Wyoming’s independence is not for sale to private interests and WDEQ must act to preserve it. Continuing our Wyoming way of life depends on our ability to come together and implement a state plan that will provide for the state’s economic future over today’s profits.

If seeing Wyoming’s open vistas and breathing healthy air concerns you, WDEQ needs to hear your encouragement to go back to the well and draw deep to pull together a real plan. The deadline to comment is Sept. 30, 2022 at 5 p.m. MT.

Submit comments online at https://aq.wyomingdeq.commentinput.com/?id=KegfB.

Andrew Schneider


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