New natural gas powerplant in Niles provides power after decades in the making

NILES, Mich. – After breaking ground back in 2019, Indeck’s Niles Energy Center is finally producing power in Southwest Michigan, after a lengthy development process, spanning decades.

“It’s a long time coming. Twenty two years since we initially developed the plant,” said David Hicks, the VP of Business Development at Indeck. “This is one of the most efficient power plants in the world and the most efficient power plant within a two-hundred and fifty mile radius.”

Indeck finally secured funding for the plant three years ago, and while there were numerous hurdles to cross—from part and equipment shortage issues and taking extra steps to keep around eight-hundred workers safe during the construction project—on July 1, the plant was brought online, producing 1,085 Megawatts of electricity.

“At full load, this plant will provide enough energy to support 650,000 residences and businesses,” Hicks said.

It is all clean energy, which Hicks said is part of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s initiative to bring more renewable energy to the state, and move away from non-renewable sources.

“This plant is in compliance with the goals of the state of Michigan, to move away from traditional sources to clean energy—state of the art natural gas, solar, wind and battery storage, and this plant will provide a reliable source of energy for the people of the state of Michigan for decades to come,” said Hicks, who added that the energy center would not have been made possible if not for the cooperation of the city of Niles over the decades.

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