This Is the *Only* Moisturizer I Use on My Naturally Oily Skin

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Folks with oil-prone skin, you know the drill: finding the right skincare product is very important. Anything made with heavy humectants or pore-clogging, comedogenic ingredients? Forget it. Especially when it comes to daily moisturizers, you do not want to play around.

As someone who’s had to deal with oily skin for as long as she can remember, finding the right moisturizer is not an easy task. Some creams can be too hydrating, others end up being too drying, and several end up causing more acne and oil production altogether. It’s been a frustrating journey to stop my skin from getting dewier than I want it to be—that is, until I tried Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer ($76) a few years ago. My skin and I haven’t looked back since.

Kate Somerville’s oil-free moisturizer is a dream for grease-prone skin like mine because the product is not too liquid-y or heavy compared to many common moisturizers in the market. I’ve been using this stuff for a while now, but when I first tested it back in college, my first instinct was simply, “Wow, what a great product design.” The simple, quick push of the dispenser provided an enough amount of cream to use. But it definitely didn’t stop there.

The cream itself is lightweight, has no sign of heavy fragrance (which, by the way, doesn’t just impact oily skin, but sensitive and dry skin, too. ), and makes my skin feel hydrated without the added slick, sticky feel. It may seem contradictory to think that oily skin would need a moisturizer since this type of skin is already, in a way, moisturized. But even if you’re one to get an early afternoon sheen, you do need to hydrate that face of yours—and this one fits the bill.

“The skin barrier has one of the most important functions of the skin and needs proper lipids, ceramides, and peptides to work properly,” explains board-certified New York dermatologist, Nava Greenfield, MD. “Oily skin could benefit from moisturizing.”

Because of the way soap and water, dry environments, and even pollutants can strip the skin’s barrier of its necessary nutrients, this can increase its susceptibility to things like rashes, inflammation, and yes, oil production. That’s why, despite how “moisturized” our skin may be (and trust me, as oily as our skin is, it’s not the kind of “moisturized” you want), investing in a good quality face cream that’s oil free is extremely important.

Oil-free products are best suited for skin types that tend to break out from skin products,” says Dr. Greenfield. “Oil-free does not mean you should be using oil free products everywhere. It’s possible that your facial skin would benefit from oil free products but that your extremity skin would benefit from oils which tend to be more hydrating.”

As the name suggests, the Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer is free from any gunky oils, and truly stands out from the other creams and face lotions I’ve tried over the year. The oil-free formula really does help, hydrating my skin and rebuilding its barrier without getting greasy and clogging up my pores. The boost of amino acids and different algaes don’t hurt either.

“Algae has some potential in skin care,” says. Dr. Greenfield. “There is limited clinical evidence but there are some data which suggests that algae products improve the appearance of fine line and wrinkles and improves the hydration of skin.”

If you’re looking for a high quality moisturizer that’ll last a long time, then I highly recommend Kate Somerville’s feather-light moisturizer. No one wants to feel like an oil slick by noon, nor do they want to be parched, either. As someone who’s used this dream cream since college, trust me—it’s a skincare must-have.

Want more tips for oily skin? Watch the video below. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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