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Nelson’s the gold standard

The news that Lynchburg City Councilman Randy Nelson is retiring from council at the end of this year marks the culmination of a stellar career of public service to Lynchburg residents. For over 12 years, Mr. Nelson has set the gold standard for a city councilperson. He arrives at council meetings well prepared; his opinions are always thoughtful and spoken with clarity and eloquence, so that the reasoning behind his thinking is clear and understandable. He refrains from squabbling with other council members to gain political points. Mr. Nelson’s knowledge of the city, workings of state government, and his experience as an attorney often enable him to correct erroneous assumptions and suggestions from councilpersons whose proposals are not properly vetted and which won’t offer the best solution to a problem.

It will be difficult to replace Mr. Nelson. Lynchburg desperately needs more individuals with Mr. Nelson’s character and expertise to help guide the city through the coming difficult challenges as well as those that currently exist. Unfortunately, city council appears to become more partisan with each election, with some council members frequently seeking opportunities to level political zingers at each other instead of leaving politics at the door and transforming themselves into problem solvers inside council chambers.

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Mr. Nelson is a problem solver, and we need more individuals of his character, skills, and approach to city government on our city council.

When to compromise

In my opinion, FINA, the organization that holds elite women’s aquatic competitions, was correct in limiting the participation of Transgender women to those who have completed transitioning by the age of 12. I agree that Transgender women who transitioned during or after puberty possibly hold an unfair physical advantage over cis-women (women identified as female at birth). Not all Transgender persons think the same way on this question, but I believe that the goal of fairness to all requires that we consider this a possibility.

Transitioning is our goal. It brings wonderful and positive changes, but can include the need for some emotionally painful sacrifices that won’t be welcomed by some in the Transgender community. We don’t live in a vaccuum after transitioning.

And our Transgender lives will not be compromised away. But this, I believe, is one time when sacrifice and compromise are necessary.

We in the Transgender community should not be surprised that in asking cis-gender persons to make sacrifices and compromises, we at times, in limited situations, should consider sacrifice and compromise, too.

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