Biden news today: President opens oil reserve to tackle gas prices, says Putin

‘You’ve got to be silly’: Biden hits back at Ukraine questions from Fox News reporter

President Joe Biden has ordered the release of up 1 million barrels of oil per day from the strategic petroleum reserve for the next six months in a bid to control prices that have spiked since the US and its allies imposed strict sanctions on Russia.

The announcement comes after both the White House and the Pentagon said that they believe Vladimir Putin is being misinformed about progress in the war by his senior advisers and warned that Russian troops being pulled back from areas near Kyiv may just be being repositioned for further fighting.

Meanwhile, the president is marking the Transgender Day of Visibility, which declared in order to “celebrate the activism and determination that have fueled the fight for transgender equality” and “acknowledge the adversity and discrimination that the transgender community continues to face across our Nation and around the world” – this as various Republican-led states pass laws directly targeting non-gender-conforming people, including children.

On Wednesday, Mr Biden also gave a speech on the state of the coronavirus pandemic, announcing the launch of a central website for resources, before receiving his second booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine. The CIA director is the latest person in the administration to test positive for the virus and he met with the president a day ago – though they were distanced and masked.


Ms Bedingfield spoke about on Republican senators asking President Biden to do more to help end the pandemic while refusing to vote for more funding.

“We hope that these senators will follow their own advice and provide resources for the global response, because now is the time to act,” she says.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:19


The White House stands by Biden campaign statement that there was nothing unethical about his son Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine and China.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:05


Asked about whether the White House is trolling Vladimir Putin, Ms Bedingfield responds: “Those are your words not ours.”

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:02


‘A small bandage on a gaping wound’

President Joe Biden’s plan to release one million barrels of oil each day from US strategic petroleum reserves over the next six months have been described as a “small bandage on a gaping wound” by climate groups, who condemned oil companies’ greed for amassing vast profits while consumers are subjected to soaring gas prices.

Louise Boyle, senior climate correspondent for The Independent, reports.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:00


On Russia’s war in Ukraine, Ms Bedingfield says: “Today we announced additional sanctions on Russian technology companies that enabled Putin’s war of choice.”

She later adds: “We have seen incontrovertible evidence that this has been a strategic disaster for Russia.”

And further: “Putin himself has said these sanctions have imposed unprecedented costs on the Russian economy, And our role is to continue to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield” [and] “to strengthen their hand at the negotiating table.”

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 20:59


Kate Bedingfield begins the press briefing by noting that the White House is celebrating Trans Day of Visibility, noting that transgender Americans, particularly children, continue to face unacceptably high levels of bullying and discrimination.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 20:56


Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 20:45


NEC director answers questions on release of oil reserves

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese is speaking at the White House daily briefing and is addressing the release of one million barrels a day from strategic petroleum reserve.

He confirms that the US has “the operational capacity to do that” and the oil will be released from all four national storage locations.

“Our goal is to provide relief to all Americans in all geographies across the country.”

Mr Deese does admit that the market price of oil is impossible to predict with certainty. He also declined to name names as to which companies are profiteering.

The administration feels that the current situation shows America must move towards energy security and true energy independence. That will involve reducing the dependence on fossil fuels.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 20:44


Biden says Putin appears to be ‘self-isolating’ from advisers

President Joe Biden claimed on Thursday that Vladimir Putin appears to be “self-isolating” from his closest advisers including his top intelligence officials as his invasion of Ukraine appears to be largely stalled across the country.

In an address…

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