Letter: ‘Conservative bent?’ No, include the whole community | Opinion

To the editor — A recent letter bashing the Yakima Herald-Republic claims, “There seem to be FEW opinion letters and articles extolling the virtues of the conservative bent.” What a missed opportunity for the letter writer to extoll the virtues of the conservative bent.

All I got from this letter were figures that don’t add up, wistfulness for the old days and current complaints the writer couldn’t be bothered to address for herself. Instead of the local newspaper, may I suggest social media to inquisitive people who only inquire after themselves?

I, for one, would like to congratulate the Herald-Republic for rededicating itself to local issues. It is long past time for our community to hear about the whole community.

Missing and murdered indigenous women got NO press even a few years ago. Thirty-nine under 39 includes people with a welcome variety of lived experience who are here making Yakima a better place. A recent editorial about the local planning commission was timely and helpful for readers to hold local government accountable.

While the decision to cut print costs and go digital is unfortunate, it is better than no local news at all. I am grateful to have this newspaper.



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