Residents won Bitcoin cash spread across Downtown Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Residents in Downtown may have noticed several Bitcoin cash stickers placed in random areas on Monday and Tuesday.

All the stickers gave directions on downloading the Bitcoin online cryptocurrency app and how to claim the amount on the sticker.

The man behind it all requests to remain anonymous and addresses himself as the “Bitcoin man of Bakersfield.”

The man told 23ABC News that he placed a $1,000 worth of the currency in various amounts on stickers, which residents claimed by scanning the barcode.

A sticker worth $500 worth of the currency was the grand prize and claimed Tuesday.

The man says he spends a lot of time in Bakersfield and that the purpose of all this was to spread awareness of governmental control over U.S. currency.

“The most important thing that I would love people to know… every time the federal reserve prints money they’re stealing the value out of your money,” the man said. “They can’t do that with Bitcoin. They can’t control Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value has a track record of only going up, the dollar has a track record of only going down.”

According to the Bitcoin man, another one of these scavenger hunt-like events will take place before the end of the year, but this time with three to 5,000 dollars worth.

He says when the time comes, directions will be posted on his Instagram account, which can be found by searching “Bitcoin man of Bakersfield” on the social media app.

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