First decentralized voting to take place as early as October

  • As early as October, Cardano (ADA) holders will have the opportunity to decide on the allocation of DC Fund resources by decentralized voting.
  • IOHK is planning an “aggressive marketing campaign” for the next two months to highlight the advantages over direct competitors.

The decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem remains a top priority. With this in mind, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and founder of Cardano, stated in a new video stream that the voting system for Voltaire is at the top of the priority list. In addition, the DC Fund is to play a decisive role in financing ideas from the community for dapps and even entire movements in advance.

According to the current plan, the voting system for making suggestions for improvements and funding will be available as early as this month. This means that the first vote for all ADA holders will take place in October. As Hoskinson stated the user experience will not be the best as only one snapshot will be taken.

However, this process will be improved and the actual voting system is expected to be integrated into the Daedalus wallet in November, with a simple button to vote on proposals. This, Hoskinson says, will only be available with the release of Goguen:

So October will have a vote, but it won’t be great user experience, it will be okay. You can vote on a cell phone app and then the next round which occurs after October, we will try to do this every 6 weeks, it will be significantly better, that will be probably past the HFC event and we will have the Daedalus support and the cell phone support read to go.

As Hoskinson further stated, progress for Goguen is happening as fast as possible, especially as the final phase of Cardano, Voltaire, is also being developed at full speed. The main focus is currently also on planning and developing applications (dApps) for the Cardano ecosystem, as Hoskinson explained:

I’m having a lot of application meetings. […] I meet with a lot of different people, we talk a lot about ‘how to get to Cardano’, ‘what can we do’, how we build applications and my goal is to get a lot of really cool dapps ready to go soon or at least get teams committed to get ready soon. But I think the biggest problem on the roadmap is marketing.

Accordingly, IOHK is planning an “aggressive marketing campaign” for the products of the Cardano ecosystem for the next two months, also to highlight the advantages over direct competitors:

We gonna focus a lot the next two months on product marketing. So we gonna talk about each component of Cardano and answer questions like ‘what is it?’, ‘how does it work’, ‘why is it better’ and also do comparison marketing, so for example, why is Ouroboros better than EOS’ consensus algorithm, Parity’s consensus algorithm; this gonna piss off a lot of people, but you know, that’s good.

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