New Restrictions Hurt GBP Forex Market as US Pledges More Aid

  • Positive Chinese Retail Data Reported
  • Global Markets Boosted on Positive News
  • GBP Stalls Again on Unemployment Numbers

The forex market, and others around the world have been given a strong boost today with the release of positive retail spending numbers from China. The numbers reported show the first increase of retail sales on the previous year. This has given a timely boost of strength to equity markets in China, Europe, and the US as well as some of the major forex pairs. The only major currency which has not been boosted in the right direction today is Sterling as it continues to struggle under the weight of Brexit woes.

First Chinese Retail Sales Boost

For the first time this year, monthly retail sales in China outpaced figures from the previous year. August numbers showed a 0.5% increase on those from the same period last year. This shows that China is getting back to regular life, and spending habits. This represents a sharp turnaround on numbers that had been lagging 8.6% below the previous year based on the first eight months.

These key numbers not only provide confidence to the Chinese markets, but a confidence which radiates through the economic world, such is the power of Chinese consumers. Some market sectors in particular showed a notably sharp increase, such as auto sales which were up almost 9% for the month. Industrial production numbers also increased an impressive 5.6% compared to the same month last year.

Timely Boost for Markets Worldwide

Those forex trading the different markets around the world welcomed the positive news from Beijing with open arms. This was noted on markets not limited to forex. The Euro moved toward 1.19 despite upcoming Fed policy decisions to be announced Wednesday. The currency was buoyed not only by the Chinese data, but also similarly positive figures from the German ZEW survey as confidence returns slowly to the bloc.

Meanwhile, as the US Dollar toils in weakness, equity markets in the US opened strongly. This follows similar movements in both China, and across Europe. The Dow Jones opened up more than 150 points while other major indices followed suit. Major names like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all gained, while Tesla has bounced back in huge style, adding 17% since the start of the week.

Sterling Bucks the Positive Trend

Forex brokers, while noting an increase in activity for other major pairs, found the GBP still lagging behind despite the all-round market positivity of the day. The Pound although picking up slightly, has refused to break by through the 1.30 mark even amid a continuingly weak US Dollar.

Trading appear cautious as the unemployment rate in the UK rose to 4.1% although jobless claim numbers were below expected. Still the greatest weight on the currency is the hugely controversial Brexit bill. This has seen the EU threaten legal action, and placed a great degree of uncertainty around both Brexit, the GBP forex market, and wider UK economy.


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