Crypto AM shines its Spotlight on Tatum

Tatum is a unique platform that tackles blockchain developers’ biggest problems today: speed, accessibility and interoperability. It reduces development time to mere hours and is extremely easy to use. Anyone with little to zero coding knowledge can benefit from its features at no cost – Tatum has made its platform open source for everyone.

As an emerging technology, blockchain gained the attention of many professionals and tech aficionados who soon became advocates, including Tatum’s founders, Jiri Kobelka and Samuel Sramko.

Despite having backgrounds primarily in banking, they soon realized blockchain’s potential to penetrate and improve almost any industry, from banking to supply chain, smart cities to gaming.

Jiri Kobelka, Tatum Founder & CEO:

“I’m a blockchain enthusiast who’s passionate about making enterprise blockchain easy. I dream that any company can build a blockchain app in hours, just as they use other conventional technologies. That is why I started Tatum – now any developer can be a blockchain developer!”

Tatum’s platform currently supports all FIAT currencies and over 20 different blockchains, including BTC and ETH, with many others under implementation. That makes Tatum a unique and versatile solution for anyone who doesn’t want to restrict themselves to one blockchain and needs cross-chain functionality.

The company’s main goal is to popularize blockchain development and reach out to as many developers as possible with their ambitious plans for user base expansion in the next few years.

Samuel Sramko, Founder & CTO:

“We have refined our market approach for over a year, and during this time we realized that Tatum’s ultimate philosophy is enabling every developer to harness the power of blockchain. That’s why we decided to offer the Tatum platform for free – we believe that everyone should benefit from access to cutting edge technology.”

Speed is the Key

Companies aren’t always afraid to dive into blockchain projects, and according to a recent survey by Deloitte, many consider it vital to their future. However, statistics show that over 80% of these projects fail due to budget constraints, timeliness or lack of knowledge. Development can take years and is very costly, with little guarantee of the outcome.

Often by the time a project is complete the technology used is already obsolete – while blockchain methodology remains the same, the tech within is constantly evolving. Companies often find themselves left with a product that doesn’t meet the latest technological, market or business standards. This scenario eventually renders the product useless.

Tatum enables companies to deliver projects in a fraction of the time, reducing years to days and months to hours. “Perhaps the best example of what we can bring to the table is our project for GoPay. We were able to build a blockchain app with three developer teams in just three hours, all independently and without any previous knowledge of blockchain whatsoever,” adds Samuel.

Managing the Growth

Thanks to an initial investment from VC funds, Tatum is experiencing significant growth in 2020. The company has grown from four people to 20 in just six months, with further plans on the way. It certainly offered some spatial and managerial challenges that they were able to navigate effectively.

“The great thing about our growth is that while we’re driving our revenue at approximately +26% per month, we are also making a profit. It’s amazing at this stage, and we aim to pump the numbers even higher,” said Jiri.

Interesting Projects

Tatum has already participated in projects for Erste Bank, Deloitte and Platon Finance. They’ve also been involved in the CO2IN project to turn European businesses, communities and individuals into active participants in the fight against global warming. The goal is to reduce the complicated bureaucratic system of emission control to a simple app.

Hand-in-hand with their astonishing growth, Tatum participates in competitions and accelerators that help them reach an even wider audience. They have been shortlisted for UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator, where they hope to get alongside alumni such as Lime, Chirp, and others.

To the Top of the Industry

All this makes Tatum an ambitious young company ready to take on the world. Unlike many other blockchain startups, it is backed by robust and proven technology, and the governance to ensure its solutions are flexible, scalable, and ready to deliver top performance.

At the same time, Tatum is ready to speed up blockchain’s adoption by making the technology available to as many people as possible. 

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