20. The World Bank | Business Travel News

2019 U.S.-Booked Air Volume: $161 million
2019 Global Air Volume: $285 million
2019 U.S. T&E: $239 million
2019 Global T&E: $480 million
Primary Air Suppliers: United Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airlines
Primary Hotel Suppliers: Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt
Primary U.S. Online Booking Tool: Neo
Primary U.S. Payment Supplier: Citibank
Card Program: Central Bill/Central Pay
Primary Global Expense Supplier: SAP
Primary Global Travel Risk Management Supplier: WorldAware
Consolidated U.S. TMC: Amex GBT

The World Bank managed $45.9 billion in loans and grants to prevent poverty in 2019, a worldwide effort that required $282 million of air travel, $195 million of it originating from the U.S. alone. All but 5 percent of the U.S.-booked air volume was to destinations outside the U.S. In 2019, the bank completed a consolidation to three travel management companies globally. American Express Global Business Travel has all The World Bank’s business in the U.S. Elsewhere, Amex GBT is also the largest provider with a 53 percent share, while BCD Travel has 37 percent and SOTC in India has 10 percent, double its global share of the year before. Other highlights of the bank’s travel strategy in 2019 included a worldwide adoption of data management platform PredictX. It also replaced E-Travel Management with Neo as its booking tool in the U.S. after a pilot in 2018, although the diversity and complexity of the bank’s travel destinations meant only 15 percent of U.S.-originating trips were booked online in 2019. In the rest of the world, OBTs are chosen locally. U.S.-booked air volume is projected to have fallen to $100 million at most in 2020.

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