Coronavirus live news: doctor clears Trump to return to public events on

Germany has recorded more than 4,000 new infections for the second day in a row, with the country’s disease control agency stating on Friday it has been notified of 4,516 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours.

The latest daily coronavirus numbers are the highest recorded in Germany since 16 April, when testing capacity was considerably lower. The infection fatality rate in Germany for now remains relatively low, at 3% compared with 4.7% in June.

Berlin has emerged as one of the hotspots of the pandemic’s second wave, with the capital on Thursday crossing the crucial threshold of more than 50 cases per 100,000 people over the last seven days.

“These developments cause me great concern”, Berlin’s mayor, Michael Müller, said on Thursday evening. Bars, restaurants and off-licences in the capital will from Saturday be forced to close between 11pm and 6am, and rules around public and private gatherings at nighttime will be further tightened.

“We cannot rule out having to agree to take further steps”, Müller said. “We want to do everything to avoid a lockdown like the one we’ve already had.”



Telstra denies Victoria police requested Graham Ashton’s phone records for hotel quarantine inquiry.

Phone records of former police chief considered crucial in investigation to determine who made the decision to use private security guards.

Victoria police never formally requested Telstra provide ex-police chief Graham Ashton’s phone records to help the hotel quarantine inquiry uncover who made the decision to use private security guards in the botched program, Guardian Australia can reveal.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Victoria police told Guardian Australia that police “did contact Telstra and request incoming call data for the former chief…

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