DBLend launched new Mining Program: “One pledging, Two mining out”

 – 23 September 2020 – DBLend, the new star DeFi lending project,
has instituted a new mining program for holders of its mining supported token,
DIBI. DBLend’s Leo reports that any community hold more than 30 million DIBI in
total, will have the privilege of “one pledging, two mining out”.

Leo said: “Last week we launched a webinar series on DBLend
metrics, to break down the types of data that DeFi spin off — what can this information tell us
about market sentiment.

After DBLend DAO members voted, the program named “one
pledge, two mining out” finally passed. Which means if any community that hold
more than 30 million DIBI in total, the members of this community who also be
the DIBI holders, can earn extra DIBI when they are mining DBL in the first
month after starting mining.”

According to the new program rules, the qualified DBL Miner
can make earning as below:

1.DBL Profit algorithm

DBL(10mins) = your pledged DIBI / pledged DIBI in total *
DBL Issued from Mining Pool(10mins)

(As the token
of DBLend, DBL just can be issued by mining with a total of 2.1 million, and
will be halved year by year, no reservation, no Pre-Mining. The only way
to obtain DBL is by pledgeing DIBI token (Token of DiBi Global ECO System) to
the smart contract, and the payback cycle is 10 minutes. In addtion, DBL
holders have voting rights in DBLend DAO. It will be start mining on 27 Sep.


2.DIBI Profit algorithm

1 billion DIBI in DIBI Mining Pool issued in 30 days.

DIBI(10mins) = your pledged DIBI / pledged DIBI in total *
DIBI Issued from Mining Pool(10mins)

(DIBI Token
is the Platform-Token of DiBi Global Exchange. Holding DiBi Token can not only
exchange all the rights and benifits in the whole DiBi Global Ecosystem, but
also has great potential for appreciation. DiBi Global exchange will use 20% of
all profits to buy back DIBI and ensure that prices rise by destroying them. )

“It’s hard for digital currency investors to keep up with
the profound changes in crypto markets, regulation and innovation. Yet that is
why more and more investors focus in DeFi mining Project, especially the
valuable and high-quality projects, such as YFI, Curve, DBLend, whose
participants can not only obtain high returns through mining, but also obtain
various rights and interests in the project by holding project tokens to meet
their own needs.” Leo added.

For more details, please visit https://www.dblend.pro

About DBLend

DBLend is a decentralized digital currency lending platform
in DiBi Global ecosystem (https://www.dibic.net)
which centred around the usage of DeFi (Decentralized Financial) smart contract
base on blockchain technology as a trusted intermediary in facilitating the
growth of global lending marketplace. It also provide many DeFi products with
extremely high profit without financial bubbles to users.

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