Oh good, Ben Shapiro has an opinion about the Brooklyn Center ‘BLM’ garage fire

A three-car garage, attached to a home with “a fairly large ‘Trump 2020’ sign,” was spray painted with “BLM” (short for Black Lives Matter), “Biden 2020,” and the anarchy symbol, and set ablaze. All three vehicles inside were destroyed, as was the sign. There was some “minor damage” to the house itself, and “three dogs and five puppies” had to be carried to safety by firefighters.

A Facebook post published by TC Crime Watch’s Twitter account, apparently from the occupants, thanked God and the firefighters everyone was safe, adding that they “pray that justice is served.”

Well, it appears now that justice has a name, and that name is Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro—a man with a law degree and little else to do besides taking puritanical offense to Cardi B’s “WAP” and losing lawsuits to the U of M—appeared on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle on Friday morning. There, he discussed the incident—by which we mean host Laura Ingraham made several sweeping statements, and Shapiro agreed with them at length.

“This is Minnesota Nice,” Ingraham said dryly. “There’s a message being sent, Ben, by the far left.”

(What that message is, exactly, is harder to say, as anarchy and electing mainstream Democratic candidates to the presidency of the United States don’t exactly seem all that simpatico.)

“Well, the fact is, again,…

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