Ripple (XRP) Down $0.0004 in Last 4 Hours; Entered Today Down 0.6%

Ripple 4 Hour Price Update

Updated September 01, 2020 01:36 AM GMT (09:36 PM EST)

Ripple entered the current 4 hour candle at $0.2822, down 0.14% ($0.0004) from the last 4 hour candle. Out of the 5 instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Ripple ended up ranking 2nd for the four-hour candle in terms of price change relative to the last 4 hour candle.

Ripple Daily Price Recap

The end of a 3 day positive run has come for Ripple, which finished the day prior down 0.6% ($0.0017). As for how volume fared, yesterday’s volume was up 21.51% from the previous day (Sunday), and up 5.35% from Monday of the week before. Out of the 5 instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Ripple ended up ranking 3rd for the day in terms of price change relative to the day prior. Let’s take a look at the daily price chart of Ripple.


Ripple Technical Analysis

Notably, Ripple is now close to its 20 day averages, located at 0.29 respectively, and thus may be at a key juncture along those timeframes. The clearest trend exists on the 90 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. Traders will also want to note, though, that a counter trend — meaning a trend going down — can be seen on the 14 and 30 day timeframes. So if you expect the primary trend to resume, the counter trend may be providing an opportunity to buy dips. Or to view things another way, note that out of the past 10 days Ripple’s price has gone up 5 them.

Overheard on Twitter

Over on Twitter, here were the top tweets about Ripple:

  • From RyanSAdams:

    You think it’s crazy that YFI is $1b?Here’s the thing:I understand why YFI is worth $1bBut…I have no idea why IOTA is worth $1bI have no idea why LTC is worth $4bI have no idea why XRP is worth $9bYFI is one of the least crazy market caps on the board

  • From Neloangelo314:

    If I have to make myself public to claim spark tokens, I am going to have to pass. Tbh this might shock you, but I don’t even care about it. Xrp is going to give me so much in return that the rest will fade in memory. I’m not greedy and I do not like free things in this day and

  • From IntoTheCoin:

    So you’re telling me the CEO of Invest Bank UK (made 3.3 B $ in revenue in 2019) is excited about $COTI and see it as the future of payment and COTI is only 50m mcap?Meanwhile a crypto like $YFI (the founder said that it has no utility) is near to a billion mcap.$ETH $XRP

In terms of news links for Ripple here’s one to try:

INVESTMENTS – GOLD, SILVER, RIPPLE (XRP) | Conspiracy Daily Update

The NESARA/GESARA money and the $Trillion American stimulus money running through the XRP network will so increase the transaction rate through the network to such an extent that we might see a $10,000 XRP coin in as little as 2 years!!…Ripple will get to $10k per coin when the daily transactions reach $1T by transacting “All the Money in the World!” once it is adopted by the global banking system!…As soon as the gold backed currencies are announced, it will go to its traditional price….It has been announced that Ripple(XRP) will be the new method for transferring money between countries by the 196 central banks worldwide and will be gold backed….I have taken holdings in gold, silver and Ripple (XRP)….Now imagine a digital currency that is gold backed and completely open and transparent running on some sort of blockchain type of system… This is how ripple gets to $10k per coin.

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