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So, are you struggling, as I am, to keep up with the news cycle? Significant events seem to be happening so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Last weeks’ headline is old news now. It’s interesting how much I hear from people that they are just “turning it all off” and looking inward. That’s probably healthy, but it also filters out important issues with either good or bad long-term consequences.

With that backdrop, let me make a summary statement that I think is important as you reflect on your investment account. It seems “credible experts” agree that near-term risks for stocks remain high. At the same time, they also seem to agree that global market prices (especially the U.S.) will be higher a year from now. So, can you hold your breath for a few months and focus on something else? Hard to do! It will be easier if you have a sense of comfort that a Trusted Advisor has listened carefully to your goals and objectives, positioned your investments accordingly, and is monitoring the blur on your behalf.

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