Where does your debris go after it leaves your yard?

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Progress recovering from a hurricane is measured in the height of the debris piles in front of so many homes.

Mountains of trees, branches, leaves. “Expect a war zone,” says Foley Public Works Superintendent Darrell Russell when he talks about his little town. “It is bad. We have never seen this as far as debris.”

Debris from all over the city is being hauled in by monster dump trucks one after the other. “Think of a cubic yard as a washing machine, the size of a washing machine and that will hold 150 of them.”

All of this debris coming from Foley neighborhoods where most streets are still lined with mounds of large trees that could not withstand the winds of Sally and there is still a ton to pick up. “They are looking at 10 to 15 thousand yards a day on a good days so, it’s going to be a while to get it all up. We’re expecting 600 thousand cubic yards out of this.”

Debris Managment Sites are located in every community in Baldwin County. This is just three days worth of Sally destruction now piled up in one place in Foley and it’s growing. “Citizens be patient. We’re coming,” says Russell. “We’re going to get you.”


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