Steps to help pet have stress-free veterinary visit

Dr. Cynthia Maro

You’ve likely been part of this routine at veterinary hospitals before. You head to your pet’s vet appointment, only to have to drag your dog by the leash or have your cat run away as soon as you pull out a pet carrier and when you finally catch your pet, she scratches you as you cram her into the carrier.  

With COVID curbside appointments, you discover modified appointments mean you won’t be present for a large portion of your pet’s care. This adds to your stress, worrying about what will happen when your companion realizes you aren’t there to comfort her. 

Your mind may race wondering about your pet’s reactions to other barking dogs or yowling cats.  

When the visit is over, you feel bad and start contemplating how you can prevent the stress the next time your pet needs a check-up or veterinary care. 

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